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Adobe Systems
Adobe Systems wanted to be recognized as providing strategic business tools that were as vital as Microsoft Office. The best solution was to show how specific and related companies solved common problems using Adobe products. CerebralPro created several models that showcased product-to-solution-to-industry. The ability to pivot on different axes to show similarities resulted in long term success of brand, company and solution based product suites.
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America Online "You've Got Pictures"
America Online wanted to take "You've Got Pictures" to become a revenue generating property. Working in highly collaborative environment with senior staff and technology partners, CerebralPro designed and delivered one of AOL's most profitable products in several years.
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Autodesk needed an easier registration and product activation process that could be used in multiple products. From single user to multi user license, the ability to manage multiple accounts within a single process would simplify IT administrators of Autodesk products.
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Doritos incorporated an online component to their advertising campaign for Super Bowl XLI. Promotional codes from product bags would be entered into the web interface for the chance of winning a prize. User would have the ability to play a Flash based game that pitted one Doritos flavor over another.
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Geek Squad
Geek Squad wanted to redesign their online presence to help change perception of their company, agents and services. With the concept of agents being Heroic, supplying quick/knowledgeable solutions also extended the "Hero Halo" to customers for choosing Geek Squad. The Hero concept also allowed recruitment of staff to become the re-branded agents.
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HP Change Artists
HP wanted something that was better than a blog, something that displayed real world executives accepting and initiating change. Rich media components with the ability to view live or as an archive. Soft sell of HP products that helped solve issues within organizations made this project successful on many levels. More than 5,000 viewers from 63 countries watched the first webcast.
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HP Mavericks
HP wanted to stimulate an engaging dialogue with and between small business owners and to drive consideration and preference of HP products and services – via a relevant, useful and entertaining web experience. Mavericks extended "The Computer is Personal Again" campaign to small businesses, creating more buzz about HP.
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HP The Computer is Personal Again
Hewlett-Packard wanted to change the impression of the company and it's products/services to become more relevant. The campaign became much more... gaining multiple awards for several years from ADWEEK, IAB MIXX and Effie. In direct completion with Dell for market share, HP clearly widened the gap by 10% with this campaign.
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HR California
HR California's assets existed in linear book form and was geared to HR Professionals who were using this information to verify compliance with State Employment Law.The opportunity to design this information in a non-linear format that provided quick access for non-professionals would increase subscription and revenue. Understanding that most small to medium sized employers needed quick and easy information and resources allowed lawful compliance and reduced litigation risk.
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My Yahoo Broadband Registration and Content Customization
After the highly acclaimed My Yahoo! redesign, Yahoo contracted CerebralPro to create an optimized registration process for domestic and international broadband partners. Flexibility of content syndication and increasing premium product offerings based on the proven CerebralPro "Lifestyle Model" with a unified process that fit into each partners marketing strategy provided a platform for extending brand and revenue. Additional administration tools aided in campaign creation and management.
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My Yahoo! Redesign
My Yahoo! needed redesign that was more feature rich and allowed content partners to easily syndicate within Yahoo platform. The opportunity to provide a modular design of reusable components based on the simple notion of lifestyles dictate interest and selections allowed greater flexibility and ultimately high conversion rates.
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Norton 360
Symantec contracted CerebralPro to design Project Genesis: Norton 360 version 1.0. Revolutionary for it's time, Genesis had the ability to monitor threats and malicious behavior using SONOR, then taking security action as needed. This first release incorporated recruitment of BETA testers who would help refine the product further.
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Saba Software
Saba Software needed to design it's client-server applications to be functional in a web environment. Current web applications needed modularity for true customization for multiple language sets, including asian characters.
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Symantec Internet Threat Meter
Symantec wanted to create new syndicated threat meter widgets that would allow partners branded content to display and function within the Symantec branded tool. CerebralPro extended this capability by inventing Threat Meter Toolbar that would later be incorporated into Norton Confidential for Phishing notification.
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