Case Study: America Online

  AOL's "You've Got Pictures" Highest Revenue Generating Property

Slide 01 of 05 - AOL "You've Got Pictures": YGP Product Offering Sitemap
Slide 02 of 05 - AOL "You've Got Pictures": YGP Ordering Posters and Prints Functional Flow
Slide 03 of 05 - AOL "You've Got Pictures": YGP Memory Book Product Creation Screens and Behavior Flow
Slide 04 of 05 - AOL "You've Got Pictures": YGP Memory Book Product Edit and Creation Screens and Behaviors
Slide 05 of 05 - AOL "You've Got Pictures": YGP Crop and Rotate Functionality
  America Online wanted to take "You've Got Pictures" to become a revenue generating property. Working in highly collaborative environment with senior staff and technology partners, CerebralPro designed and delivered one of AOL's most profitable products in several years.  
  Goals   Results  
  • Ease of use and understanding of product creation
• Seamless integration of legacy product
• Educate user to unfamiliar concepts
• Manage expectations of partner and senior staff
  • Drag and drop interfaces that were easily understood
• Ease of use and adoption
• Extensible partner designs
• Highest AOL revenue property in 6 quarters
  Target Audience   Ready to start a conversation?  
  Domestic and international user base with very limited understanding of technology and taxonomy.    
  Services Provided    
  • User Research
• Information Architecture
• Interaction Design
• Style Guides
• Design Specifications
• Project Management


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