Case Study: Geek Squad

  Geek Squad and the "Hero Halo" changes perception, awareness and generates revenue

Slide 01 of 12 - Geek Squad: Persona, consumer based on motivation and mind set
Slide 02 of 12 - Geek Squad: Persona, recruitment based on motivation and mind set
Slide 03 of 12 - Geek Squad: Matching persona, mind sets, content and motivation to architecture
Slide 04 of 12 - Geek Squad: Contextual Calls To Action Themes
Slide 05 of 12 - Geek Squad: Site Architecture, User Flow and Behaviors
Slide 06 of 12 - Geek Squad: Home Page with Functions and Calls to Action
Slide 07 of 12 - Geek Squad: Home Page with Emergency Call to Action Behavior
Slide 08 of 12 - Geek Squad: Services Landing Page
Slide 09 of 12 - Geek Squad: Computer Networking Overview
Slide 10 of 12 - Geek Squad: Redefine Geek Squad Agents as Trustworthy Heroes
Slide 11 of 12 - Geek Squad: Satisfaction Survey
Slide 12 of 12 - Geek Squad: Location Finder Widget
  Geek Squad wanted to redesign their online presence to help change perception of their company, agents and services. With the concept of agents being Heroic, supplying quick/knowledgeable solutions also extended the "Hero Halo" to customers for choosing Geek Squad. The Hero concept also allowed recruitment of staff to become the re-branded agents.  
  Goals   Results  
  • Clear Call to Action of contacting Geek Squad
• Change perception of Agents to caring problem solvers
• Display services and capabilities in a simple model
• Provide self help/DIY resources
  • Modular multi language design, including asian markets
• Increase of staff recruitment to become agents
• Introduction of multiple ways of contacting Geek Squad
• One click information access
  Target Audience   Ready to start a conversation?  
  Domestic and international user base with varied technology skills. Mind sets that included passive to crisis with various motivations.    
  Services Provided    
  • User Research
• Focus Groups
• Information Architecture
• Interaction Design
• Style Guides
• Design Specifications



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