Case Study: HP Mavericks

  Showcasing Business Sector Mavericks

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  HP wanted to stimulate an engaging dialogue with and between small business owners and to drive consideration and preference of HP products and services – via a relevant, useful and entertaining web experience. Mavericks extended "The Computer is Personal Again" campaign to small businesses, creating more buzz about HP.  
  Goals   Results  
  • Flexible design allowing rich media and Forbes content
• Highly visible Calls To Action: subscribe, send to a friend
• Increased unique views and click through rates
• Repeat visits with longer durations of time spent on micro site
  • Beat expectations for unique and repeat views
• High personal referral conversions
• High click through conversion to products
  Target Audience   Ready to start a conversation?  
  Small business owners with less than 100 staff and unmanaged IT. Primary psychographics include entrepreneurs motivated by inspirational messaging, who also rely on peers for crucial business advice.
Services Provided
• User Research
• Information Architecture
• Interaction Design
• Style Guides
• Design Specifications


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