Case Study: HP - The Computer is Personal Again

 Personal Again: Digital Photo Campaign is ADWEEK Campaign of the Year

Slide 01 of 12 - Concept Model
Slide 02 of 12 - Functional User Flow
Slide 03 of 12 - Menu
Slide 04 of 12 - User Authentication
Slide 05 of 12 - Personal Sharing of Photographs
Slide 06 of 12 - HP Media Player
Slide 07 of 12 - Uploading to HP Media Player
Slide 08 of 12 - HP Product Page
Slide 09 of 12 - HP New Media Showcase
Slide 10 of 12 - HP Biogram
Slide 11 of 12 - HP Biogram Visual Design
Slide 12 of 12 - HP New Media Showcase Visual Design
  Hewlett-Packard wanted to change the impression of the company and it's products/services to become more relevant. The campaign became much more... gaining multiple awards for several years from ADWEEK, IAB MIXX and Effie. In direct completion with Dell for market share, HP clearly widened the gap by 10% with this campaign.  
  Goals   Results  
  • Interface design and flows to support rich media
• Show HP as innovative
• Promote tools for photo sharing application and printers
• All top level categories to support Full Circle Care
  • Multi award campaign winner
• Users considered HP to be as cool as apple products
• Wide adoption of photo sharing
• 750,000 Youtube views of embedded content in first 24 hours
  Target Audience   Ready to start a conversation?  
  Domestic and international consumer user base.    
  Services Provided    
  • Information Architecture
• Interaction Design
• Design Specifications


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