Case Study: HR California

  Converting Linear Employment Law Content into Three Distinctive User Models

Slide 01 of 12 - HR California: Functional Concepts
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Slide 04 of 12 - HR California: Functional Navigation and Role Based Mindset Matrix
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  HR California's assets existed in linear book form and was geared to HR Professionals who were using this information to verify compliance with State Employment Law.The opportunity to design this information in a non-linear format that provided quick access for non-professionals would increase subscription and revenue. Understanding that most small to medium sized employers needed quick and easy information and resources allowed lawful compliance and reduced litigation risk.  
  Goals   Results  
  • Turn linear information into logical non-linear concepts
• Transform lengthy rationale into quick prevention steps
• Create paradigm from recruitment to termination
• Ensure that all sections and products support each other
  • Successful paradigm that addressed multiple mindset needs
• Full circle use of products and services
• Cradle to grave compliance modeling
• High adoption and conversion rates
  Target Audience   Ready to start a conversation?  
  Broad audience spectrum that included active/evangelized HR Professionals, engaged/somewhat complaint small to medium business and slightly aware/usually non-compliant small business.    
  Services Provided    
  • User Research
• Ethnographic Study
• Information Architecture
• Interaction Design
• Visual Design
• Style Guides
• Design Specifications
• Code Ready HTML
• Project Management


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