Case Study: Saba - Defining Human Capital

 Knowledge Investment in Management and Staff - Global Enterprise Learning and Collaboration

Slide 01 of 04 - Saba Client-Server Architecture
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Slide 04 of 04 - Saba Performance Goal Details
  Saba Software needed to design it's client-server applications to be functional in a web environment. Current web applications needed modularity for true customization for multiple language sets, including asian characters.  
  Goals   Results  
  • Design client-server to web functionality
• Modular components that would be customized
• Redesign functionality for ease of use
• Create design roadmap for future feature sets
  • Launch of feature rich JSP in multiple languages
• Modular/reusable components
• Quantified usability
• Best in class online learning environments
  Target Audience   Ready to start a conversation?  
  Global business sectors that included Fortune 500 companies, public/private institutions and government.    
  Services Provided    
  • Information Architecture
• User Interface Design
• Art Direction
• Visual Design
• Usability Testing
• JSP Production
• Design Specifications
• Project Management


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